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Chiang Mai and the North Weather
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Many people head to Chiang Mai in search of the legendary "cool" weather, however, arriving in the city I think that most people will be disappointed to find it almost as hot as Bangkok.

Chiang Mai and the North Weather: During the dry season, from November to April/May, there is virtually no rain and temperatures can get chilly from December to February, but only at night and early morning. However, in the mountains the night-time temperatures can be really cold and it can take until almost midday to warm up - usually back to very hot! At the summit of Doi Inthanon the clouds can often make for a very foggy and damp experience all year round.

Many people avoid the wet season, however, to some it can be a good time to visit as the rains clear the smoke and dust that can make the dry season awful in the north. Many northern provinces were declared disaster areas in early 2007 due to the severe levels of air pollution created by smoke from fires; Pollution in Chiang Mai. Although rain can be very heavy it isn't until the late wet season when it can be wet all day on the northern plains, although in the mountains the drizzle can be reminiscent of an English summer!

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