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Bird Sightings (March 2007)
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Thailand Bird Sightings Archives






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30/03/07 : A hepatic morph Oriental Cuckoo was observed at Huay Tung Tao on the morning of the 30th March.

The above sighting from Huay Tung Tao was taken from Tony Ball's Birdwatcher's Diary blog with his kind permission.

25/03/07 : An adult Rosy Starling, in breeding plumage, was observed for at least one minute, at fairly close quarters, through a telescope, at Muang Boran Fishponds on the 23rd March. - Marshall Iliff.

Many of the specialities were seen at both Laem Pak Bia/Pak Thale and Khao Yai. A single Spoon-billed Sandpiper and a lone Chinese Egret in breeding plumage were observed at Pak Thale on the 19th March. At Khao Yai a single Golden-crested Myna was found along the radar road on the 16th and a pair of Eared Pittas were briefly viewed along the HQ-Wang Jumpee trail. A male Silver Pheasant and 4 male with 2 female Siamese Firebacks were all seen along the radar road on the 15th March. - Petter Zahl Marki.

Many interesting observations from Chiang Dao included a Grey-bellied Tesia in the gulley trail, just after the water tanks on the 19th March and the same bird just before the tanks on the 17th. Eye-browed Wren babblers were seen on most days throughout March along the gulley trail.

A Green Sandpiper and 9 Grey-headed Lapwings were present on some paddies south of Chiang Dao on the 19th March.

Hodgson's Hawk Cuckoo put in an appearance on the 19th and 13th on the checkpoint road, Chiang Dao and on the 16th and 14th in the gulley trail. 5 Pin-tailed Pigeons were seen at the forest temple on the 17th. 2 Oriental Pied Hornbills were regulars most evenings on the checkpoint road and a Bay Woodpecker was also a regular at the forest temple. A very interesting sighting was of a single male and 3 female Silver Pheasants in the gulley trail on the 14th. A total of 13 Wedge-tailed Pigeons were found along the nature trail at Chiang Dao on the 11th March.

The above sightings from Chiang Dao were taken from the logbook at Malee's Nature Lovers Bungalows by Neil Lawton.

Some very interesting records from Chiang Saen include 5 Little Buntings, 3 Chestnut-eared Buntings and a single Bluethroat on the 18th March. Siberian Rubythroats were said to be common. On the 11th a probable Swinhoe's Snipe was flushed several times and observed closely and 5 Comb Duck have been present on and off all through March at Chiang Saen lake.

The above sightings from Chiang Saen were made by Mick Davies & Dowroong Damlamajak.

21/03/07 : An Oriental Darter was seen at Bang Kaew on 19th March and Red Avadavats were said to be numerous as were Asian Golden Weavers which have already attained breeding plumage.

On the 11th March a Pied Kingfisher was present at Bang Pra, Chonburi.

The above sightings from Bang Kaew and Bang Pra were submitted by Peter Ericsson.

A number of visits to Bang Pra, Chonburi, turned up some good birds. On the 19th March 2 Forest wagtails were found on the entrance track and on the 18th the highlight was 15 Blossom-headed Parakeets. 7 Chestnut-capped Babblers and 2 Yellow-eyed Babblers were also found on this date. On the 13th a Lanceolated Warbler, 3 Bluethroats and 2 Paited Snipe were of note and a Pied Kingfisher was seen at the southern end of the reservoir on the 9th. Also on the 9th a Large-tailed Nightjar was flushed and observed at close quarters when it settled on a branch; a female Bluethroat was also present on this date. - Gary Bell.

20/03/07 : A few interesting sightings fom Ko Similan (island 4) were "many" Hill Mynas on the 11th and 12th March, a Dollarbird on the 12th March and some Fork-tailed Swifts also on the 12th. Of course, a number of Nicobar Pigeons were seen marching around the campsite and large numbers of Pied Imperial Pigeons were also seen. - Johan Svensson.

Newly published Recent Reports from late January 2007 to mid March 2007 (BCST Bull. Vol 24, no. 1) are now online on the Bird Conservation Society of Thailand's website. An immature Black-faced Spoonbill staying on a freshwater marshy area at Tub Yao, Lad Krabang (Bangkok) from 16th February to the 23rd February was one of the highlights along with good numbers of Pied Avocets and Red-necked Phalaropes at Laem Pak Bia between the 31st January and 8th March. - BCST website for full report.

A late record from Tai Rom Yen National Park, near Surat Thani, was a Bamboo Woodpecker on the 26th February. - Vince Hanlon.

14/03/07 : A Rufous-tailed Robin was seen in a gulley behind the monk's workshop at the start of the forest temple steps at Chiang Dao on the 13th and 14th March.

A number of interesting records from Suphanburi province included a Glossy Ibis, a Painted Stork, Black Kite and a single Purple-backed Starling on the 8th March. On the 5th a Fulvous-breasted Woodpecker was seen and on the 4th a Whimbrel was found on a drained pond with a Green Sandpiper. The 3rd turned up a Barn Owl, with good numbers of all 3 species of Weavers seen on the 28th February; the total of around 250 Weavers consisted mainly of Baya Weavers, with 20-30 Asian Golden Weavers and 5 or 6 Streaked Weavers. The same site turned up 5 Black Kites and 40 Chestnut-tailed Starlings on the 26th February.

The above sightings from Chiang Dao and Suphanburi were submitted by Neil Lawton.

Between the 10th and 13th March 4 Giant Nuthatches were seen at Den Ya Kat, Doi Chiang Dao, with a pair at a nest hole and 2 Hume's Pheasant were present on the firebreak trail. Other notable sightings from this period include a pair of Oriental Pied Hornbills on the checkpoint road, a single Burmese Shrike and 3 Asian Stubtails on the gulley trail.

The above sightings were made by Garry Backler and Rinse van der Vleit and taken from the logbook at Malee's Nature Lovers Bungalows by Neil Lawton.

A single Pompadour Pigeon was seen at Huay Tung Tao on the 12th March and 2 Wire-tailed Swallows were seen with nest material at the same location on the 9th.

The above sightings from Huay Tung Tao were taken from Tony Ball's Birdwatcher's Diary blog with his kind permission.

At least one Brown Hornbill was regularly seen a little up the road from Ban Krang campsite at Kaeng Krachan on the 10th March. On the 9th a single Malasian Plover was observed on a beach near the entrance to Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park. At Khao Yai a Coral-billed Ground Cuckoo was seen on the main road at Km 33 and another at the restaurant stakeout on the 5th March. On the same day a flock of 50 Pin-tailed Parrotfinches were feeding in bamboo near Khao Yai HQ.

The above sightings from Kaeng Krachan, Khao Sam Roi Yot and Khao Yai were submittted by John Carroll.

A couple of late records from Suan Luang in Bangkok were 2 Asian Emerald Cuckoos and a pair of Blue-tailed Bee-eaters on the 14th January. - John Ross.

11/03/07 : 2 Streaked Wren Babblers were seen at Wat Tham Seua, Krabi, on the 10th March but werer reported to be tricky to find. On the 8th March a morning visit to Khao Phanom Bencha wasn't wasted with a sighting of a pair of Chestnut-naped Forktails at the waterfall. Later on the same day at least one Pale-capped Pigeon was identified coming in to roost at an offshore island at Hat Nopparat Thara, along with some unidentified Green Pigeons.

The above sightings from Wat Tham Seua, Khao Phanom Bencha and Hat Nopparat Thara were submitted by Petter Zahl Marki.

A male Blue Pitta was found at Mae Hia, Chiang Mai, at the foothills of Doi Suthep on the 6th March. - Mick Robson.

Amazingly, about 70 Glossy Ibises were seen at Beung Boraphet on the 18th February. - Alain Fosse.

08/03/07 : A male Scaly-sided Merganser was seen in flight at Chiang Saen lake today (8th March) "more or less opposite the HQ".

The above sightings from Chiang Saen were made by Mick Davies & Dowroong Danlamajak and kindly e-mailed to me by Philip D. Round.

A Pied Kingfisher was seen fishing at Bang Pra on the 27th February before heading south. On the 28th February Bang Pra was visited again with Yellow Bittern, Dusky Warbler and Osprey all being seen.

The above sightings from Bang Pra were submitted by Gary Bell.

04/03/07 : Some good sightings at Khao Nor Chu Chi included a group of Black Magpies at the start of U trail, a pair of Brown Barbets and a White-bellied Munia on H trail on the 4th March. On the 3rd a Gould's Frogmouth, a Blue-eared Kingfisher and two Banded Pitta were seen and on the 2nd March a group of at least 3 White-crowned Hornbills were seen near the plantation at the same location.

The above sightings were submitted by Petter Zahl Marki.

A Red-throated Barbet was seen at Kow Prateow Waterfall on Phuket on the 2nd March. This species is fairly common in many habitats on Phuket.

The above sighting was taken from Ike Suriwong's Phuket Birder's Blog with his kind permission.

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