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About the Google Adverts

At the beginning of January 2007 I made the decision to place advertisements on certain pages of I'm not a great fan of this style of advert on websites but as part of my plans for the development of the website I decided to investigate the Google AdSense program.

I discovered that this scheme allowed adverts to be placed wherever I wanted on the website and that I had the ability to specify the size and colours of the adverts so that I could blend them into the website's design without too much intrusion. It is also possible, with a little clever placement of key words, to ensure that adverts relevent to the website's aims are served by Google and that adverts that appear and are not desired can be blocked.

The program operates without any monetary investment on my part (lots of time though), and when visitors click on the adverts I get a small fee.

With these facts in mind, the scheme seemed suitable for use on without detracting from the overall design and aim of providing information. With the maintainance and proposed development of taking up a considerable amount of time, I thought that the Google AdSense program was a suitable one for me to attempt to create some revenue which would allow me to spend more time providing a useful service to birdwatchers in Thailand.

Further information about the terms of the Google AdSense program are available from the link below, which can also be used for other webmasters to join the scheme.

Comments or questions on Google AdSense adverts on are welcome, including suggestions for any advert that has appeared and should be barred.

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