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Thailand Weather
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Thailand is best described as a tropical monsoon country with a dry season averaging between November to April, although there is some regional variation in this. The bulk of the rainfall is between May and October with most of the country receiving between 1000 and 2000 millimetres of rain anually; the southeast and eastern side of the southern peninsula receive considerably more.

Mean temperatures are generally high, 25-28 degrees celcius, with day-time temperatures almost constantly above 30 degrees celcius, sometimes reaching 40 inland. Night-time temperatures can get rather low, particularly in high areas and even in bangkok there is often a cool period in December and January when it can be chilly in the morning, but by about 9am it is normally very hot once again. Northern regions sometimes experience very cool periods in December/January and most Thais will often tell visitors about the one time, ages ago, when it actually snowed somewhere in the northeast.

The folllowing 6 links lead to 5-day forecasts for each area.
1. Weather in and around Bangkok
2. Weather in Chiang Mai and the North
3. Weather in Phuket and the South
4. Weather in Kanchanaburi and the West
5. Weather in Chantaburi and the Southeast
6. Weather in Khon Kaen and the Northeast
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