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Bangkok Weather
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For those that have never been to a tropical country before, getting off the plane in Bangkok can be a shock; temperatures are high all year round and humidity is very high for most of the year.
Bangkok Weather: The dry season runs from November to April/May and there is sometimes a period in late December when it gets a bit chilly at night. After the new year the temperatures rise and by April it can be extremely hot and dusty. The early wet season can be a bit of a relief but it soon becomes a case of being hot and wet, although at least the rain keeps dust levels down. It rarely rains all day in the wet season and storms can be extremely localised; on occasions I have stood out in the open watching a downpour 10 or 20 metres away, and remained totally dry myself. By the main wet season, in August to late September, the rain in Bangkok can cause severe flooding with pumps on street corners in an attempt to drain the roads. If rain coincides with high tides the flooding can be really bad.
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