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If you need help organizing a bird watching trip to Thailand, take a look at the suggested itineraries for ideas on creating a tailor-made trip and contact me for advice: Thailand bird tours.
Welcome to the Thailand Bird Watching Locations Directory

Designed to give birdwatchers all the information they require on the main birding sites around the country; trails, travel details, accommodation and food availability. Select the region that you want to go birding in from the map or on the text below. You will then see the main sites in that region listed and you can select the location you are interested in for detailed information.

1 Northern Thailand

2 North Eastern Thailand

3 Central Thailand

4 Western Thailand

5 South Eastern Thailand

6 Southern Thailand
I have useed these six regions that Thailand is commonly divided up into. The six regions more or less define climatic zones of Thailand and in some cases biogeographical regions.

It is a little difficult to define exactly where the southern region begins and the western region is hard to pinpoint exactly, but all the other regions are quite easy to establish.
In most cases there are some distinctions in the avifauna of each of the regions so that by travelling in several regions will maximise the number of bird species seen.

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