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Area 5: South Eastern Thailand
  Bird Watching Trips:
If you need help organizing a bird watching trip to Thailand, take a look at the suggested itineraries for ideas on creating a tailor-made trip and contact me for advice: Thailand bird tours.
South East Thailand is one of the wettest regions of the country and this results in widespread growing of tropical fruits. There is a surprising amount of forest remaining in this region and much of the avifauna is shared with southern Indo-China with a few regional specialities including Blue-rumped Pitta, Eastern Green Magpie, Mountain Fulvetta but some of the mountains here contain population outposts of several northern species such as Green Cochoa and White-tailed Robin.
1 Khao Khieo

2 Bang Pra Non-hunting Area

3 Khao Soi Dao

4 Klong Si Yat Reservoir

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These locations get birders to a part of the country that is infrequently visited and during migratory times rarities are likely. This is a part of Thailand that deserves more exploration by bird watchers.

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