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Area 3: Central Thailand
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If you need help organizing a bird watching trip to Thailand, take a look at the suggested itineraries for ideas on creating a tailor-made trip and contact me for advice: Thailand bird tours.
Central Thailand used to be an extensive area of freshwater swamp. These days most of it is farmland, but there are many areas where water birds can be seen. Much of the less-intensively farmed land contains marshland species and the mudflats east and west of Bangkok support large numbers of wintering waders including Asian Dowitcher, Nordmann's Greenshank and the much sought after Spoon-billed Sandpiper.
1 Bang Poo

2 Muang Boran Fish Ponds

3 Sri Nakorn Kuen Khan Park

4 Suan Rot Fai

5 Suan Lumpini

6 Suan Luang

7 Laem Pak Bia - Pak Thale

8 Khok Kham

9 Bueng Borapet

10 Suan Phuttamonton

11 Mahachai Mangrove Research Station

12 Petchaburi Rice Fields
All of these location (with perhaps the exception of Bueng Boraphet) make a good day or half day's birding for those who are living or staying in Bangkok, making a high number of species accessible to birders from the unlikely location of this huge, sprawling capital city.

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