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Area 2: North Eastern Thailand (Isarn)
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If you need help organizing a bird watching trip to Thailand, take a look at the suggested itineraries for ideas on creating a tailor-made trip and contact me for advice: Thailand bird tours.
North Eastern Thailand, also known as Isarn, is an area of generally low rainfall and large areas of rice-producing farmland. The best forested areas are along the Cambodian border extending in a chain towards Khao Yai National Park. In the north of the region are some forested areas which share much of the avifauna of the North of Thailand as well as containing a few regional specialities. There are also a few important wetlands in this region to explore.
By far the most frequently visited site in this region is Khao Yai National Park where there is a lot of access to the forest along roads and trails; Hornbills are plentiful and many other colourful species are easily found.

1 Khao Yai National Park

2 Nam Nao National Park

3 Sab Sadao

4. Phu Suan Sai National Park
Apart from Khao Yai, Northeastern Thailand is a region infrequently visited by bird watchers making it ripe for exploration; there is the strong possibility that there are some very rare birds, particularly migrants, out there waiting to be discovered by adventurous birders.

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