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Bird Sightings (February 2009)
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25/02/09 : A Banded Broadbill was seen in Ban Krang campsite, Kaeng Krachan on 25th February and a group of 4 Dusky Broadbills were present between streams 2 and 3. A Collared Owlet and a sub-adult Mountain Hawk Eagle were seen in the region of the youth camp at Kaeng Krachan on the same date. Near stream 3, Kaeng Krachan, 3 Crested Jays were observed in the early morning and a Crimson-winged Woodpecker was seen at Km 27 on the 24th. On the 23rd a female Grey Peacock Pheasant was seen drinking from stream 3, Kaeng Krachan.

A short visit to Nam Nao turned up 3 Collared Falconets on the 21st February as well as 6 White-hooded Babblers and 1 Red-billed Scimitar-babbler. On the 20th an Oriental Turtle Dove, 3 White-bellied Woodpeckers, a Brown Prinia, 1 Blossom-headed Parakeet and a pair of Grey-headed Parakeets were amongst the highlights.

A pair of Baer's Pochard and 4 Siberian Rubythroats were the highlight of a trip to Bueng Boraphet on the 20th February. Other birds seen included a Spot-billed Pelican, 5 Savanna Nightjars, 8 Painted Snipe, 64 Glossy Ibis, 2 Ferruginous Pochard, 2 Shoveler and 5 Oriental Darters.

Baer's Pochards by Daniel Lopez Velasco

A pair of Siamese Fireback Pheasants and 2 Scaly-breasted Partridges were seen feeding along the trail at Km 33, Khao Yai, on the 19th February and a Coral-billed Ground Cuckoo was seen crossing the Khao Khieo road on the same date. 2 Coral-billed Ground Cuckoos visited the restaurant at Haew Narok, Khao Yai, on the 18th February and 2 Long-tailed Broadbills as well as a flock of at least 6 Silver-breasted Broadbills were seen along trail 6. A Slaty-backed Forktail was seen in the stream on the trail between Pha Gluai Mai campsite and Haew Suwat waterfall on the 17th February. Both Orange-breasted and Red-headed Trogons were easily seen on the road back to the campsite and a male Blue Pitta was briefly observed.

5 Spoon-billed Sandpipers were present at Pak Thale on 16th February as was 1 Dunlin. 39 Nordmann's Greenshank were counted roosting amongst over 1000 Great Knot at Laem Pak Bia and 1 female and 3 male Painted Snipe were seen in nearby farmland. Also on 16th, at Tung Bang Jak, 2 Bluethroats, 4 Yellow-breasted Buntings, 4 Asian Golden Weavers were found and more than 200 Streaked Weavers were seen gathering with large numbers of Baya Weavers before roosting. Raptors seen at Tung Bang jak on the 16th included 3 Greater Spotted Eagles, 1 male Pied Harrier, 1 female Eastern Marsh Harrier and 10 Black Kites. On 15th February 1 White-faced Plover, 3 Chinese Egrets, 1 second winter Pallas's Gull and 12 Malaysian Plovers, 7 Lesser Crested Terns and 64 Great Crested Terns were found at the sand spit, Laem Pak Bia; in the mangroves on the way back from the sand spit a Dollarbird was seen and photographed. On the same date 5 Red-necked Phalaropes were present at Pak Thale. About 200 White-shouldered Starlings came into roost at the King's Project, Laem Pak Bia.

The above sightings from Pak Thale, Laem Pak Bia, Tung Bang Jak, Khao Yai, Bueng Boraphet, Nam Nao and Kaeng Krachan were made by Nick Upton, Srsasri Phiromyothee, Daniel Lopez Velasco, Joan Ferré, Clemente Álvarez, Jorge Valella and Guillermo Lázaro.

13/02/09: On 13th February a single Ferruginous Partridge was seen between streams 2 and 3 at Kaeng Krachan. A male Blue Pitta was also seen in the area as were a apir of Rusty-cheeked (Tickell's Brown) Hornbills. - Nick Upton & Srasri Phiromyothee.

09/02/09 : At Pak Thale 2 Spoon-billed Sandpipers were seen on the 9th February as were 4 Red-necked Phalaropes and 2 Terek Sandpipers. At the "abandoned building", Laem Pak Bia, 5 Pied Avocets were present and an Indian Nightjar was found in nearby scrub. At the King's project, Laem Pak Bia a juvenile Baillon's Crake was still present although a cat was hunting the wintering crakes in the area. - Nick Upton, Walter Mankel & Srasri Phiromyothee.

08/02/09 : On 8th February 35 Glossy Ibises, 21 Oriental Darters, 6 Ferruginous Pochards and 3 Tufted Duck were seen at Bueng Boraphet. - Nick Upton, Srasri Phiromyothee, Rodger Charlwood and Liz Charlwood.

13 Glossy Ibises, 50+ White-shouldered Starlings and 15 Oriental Darters were seen at Bueng Boraphet on 7th February. Nick Upton.

2 Red-billed Blue Magpies, 3 Collared Falconets and 2 Oriental Turtle Doves were found in pine woodland near HQ, Nam Nao on the 7th February. On 6th February a male Silver Pheasant was seen on the loop trail at Nam Nao and a Dark-sided Thrush was lurking in undergrowth on the river trail. A juvenile Mountain Hawk Eagle was a notable record near HQ, Nam Nao on the 5th February. - Nick Upton, Srasri Phiromyothee, Rodger Charlwood and Liz Charlwood.

On 5th February a male Blue Pitta was found on the loop trail, Nam Nao. - Nick Upton.

Red-headed Trogon, Green Magpie, White-crested Laughingthrush, caeruleus Blue Whistling Thrush, Bay Woodpecker, Great Barbet, Lesser Necklaced Laughingthrush, Eurasian Jay and Asian Barred Owlet were all seen around the campsite at Nam Nao on the 4th February. - Nick Upton, Srasri Phiromyothee, Rodger Charlwood and Liz Charlwood.

7 Spoon-billed Sandpipers were seen together at Pak Thale on 2nd February. 4 Red-necked Phalaropes and 3 Terek Sandpipers were also found. 49 Nordmann's Greenshank were counted roosting on salt pans at Laem Pak Bia and 6 Pied Avocets remained on pools near the "abandoned building".

An afternoon at Tung Bang Jak was very productive on the 2nd with 13 Grey-headed Lapwings, at least 18 Yellow-breasted Buntings, 60+ Red-throated Pipits, 150+ Streaked Weavers, 15-20 Black Kites along with 1 juvenile Eastern Marsh Harrier, at least 2 Greater Spotted Eagles, 2 juvenile Steppe Eagles and an adult Imperial Eagle.

On the 1st February 2 White-faced Plovers were seen on the sand spit at Laem Pak Bia as were 1 Lesser Crested Tern and 25 Greater Crested Terns. 5 Greater Sand Plovers and 10+ Malaysian Plovers were also seen. At Pak Thale on the same date a Grey-tailed Tattler was present. The reed beds at the King's project, Laem Pak Bia were also productive with a juvenile Baillon's Crake, 2 Slaty-breasted Rails and at least 8 Ruddy-breasted Crakes. 150+ White-shouldered Starlings came in to roost and 3 Indian Nightjars were also seen feeding after dark. - Nick Upton, Pierre van der Wielen, Marco Witte, Rob Struyk and Alma Leegwater.

2 Moustached Hawk Cuckoos were located near Ban Krang campsite, Kaeng Krachan on 31st January and 4 Dusky Broadbills were very tame in the campsite itself. A single Yellow-vented Green Pigeon flew overhead at Km 25, Kaeng Krachan on the 30th January and 2 Banded Broadbills were viewed in Ban Krang campsite. On the 29th a female Grey Peacock Pheasant was found near stream 3, Ban Krang. - Nick Upton, Srasri Phiromyothee, John Plampin & Patrick.

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