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Bird Sightings (February 2010)
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28/02/10: Notable sightings from Doi Inthanon on 27-28th February included Dark-sided Thrush at Mr Daeng's, 1 Chestnut Thrush, a pair of Snowy-browed Flycatchers and 1 male Grey-winged Blackbird at the summit, a male Daurian Redstart at the campsite orchard, 2 Black-tailed Crakes at the camspite, 2 Black-backed Forktails at Km 13, 2 Slaty-backed Forktails and a pair of Plumbeous Redstarts at Vatcharitan waterfall along with 5 White-headed Bulbuls in a flowering tree. At Km 34.5 Small Niltava, 5 Long-tailed Broadbills, 2 Spectacled Barwings and 3 Asian Emerald Cuckoos were also nice birds.

At Saphan Pla Sawai, Chom Thong, 35+ Small Pratincoles were seen on 27th February.

The highlights of a two-day stay at Mae Ping national park on 25th-26th February were 2 White-bellied Woodpeckers, an Oriental Cuckoo, a male Chinese Francolin, 1 Abberrant Bush Warbler, 2 Burmese Shrikes, 10+ Grey-headed Parakeets, 5 Blossom-headed Parakeets, 10+ Black-headed Woodpeckers, 1 neglecta Chestnut-bellied Nuthatch, 1 Rufous Woodpecker, 5 Yellow-footed Green Pigeons and a Collared Falconet.

On 24th February 3 Baer's Pochard, 8 Ferruginous Pochard, 3 Tufted Ducks, 1 Greater Scaup, 10 Eurasian Wigeon, 4 Common Teal, 20+ Northern Shoveler and many hundreds of Garganey and Northern Pintail were seen at Bueng Boraphet. Over 30 Glossy Ibis and 3 Siberian Rubythroats were also seen on the same day. On 23rd several Asian Golden Weavers were seen nesting at the fisheries research station, Bueng Boraphet and many hundreds of Streaked and Baya Weavers were observed heading to a roost site.

Highlights of a few days at Khao Yai on 21st-23rd February included a pair of Banded Kingfishers at Km 33, Red-headed Trogons at Km 33 and the loop trail near HQ, a male Siamese Fireback at Km 33, a Burmese Shrike near the old TAT restaurant, Grey-sided and Eyebrowed Thrushes at Km 33 and a male Purple-throated Sunbird near Haew Narok.

On 20th February a pair of Kalij Pheasants came to feed at Ban Song Nok, Kaeng Krachan. Between streams 2 and 3 a group of 3 Rusty-cheeked Hornbills were present. On 19th a pair of Banded Broadbills were seen at stream 2, a pair of Silver-breasted Broadbills between streams 2 and 3 and a pair of Long-tailed Broadbills at Km 27. Also at Km 27 was a Ratchet-tailed Treepie. Two Forest Wagtails were seen at Bang Krang campsite. On 18th a Blue Pitta was seen between streams 2 and 3 as well as a single Grey Peacock Pheasant; another Grey Peacock Pheasant was seen at Km 24. A pair of Great Slaty Woodpeckers were seen near stream 2 as was an Orange-headed Thrush. At Km 27, Kaeng Krachan, a Rufous-browed Flycatcher, a Yellow-vented Green Pigeon, a flock of White-hooded Babblers and a pair of Speckled Piculets were seen.

Raptors at Tung Bang Jak on 17th February included 1 Greater Spotted Eagle and 1 dark morph Booted Eagle.

On 17th February 5 Spoon-billed Sandpipers were seen at Pak Thale as well as 2 Dunlin, 1 Eastern Curlew, 1 Terek Sandpiper and the escaped Greater Flamingo. On salt pans at the abandoned building, Laem Pak Bia 6 Asian Dowitchers, 6 Pied Avocets, 1 Dunlin and 167 Red Knot were seen on 17th February. Other birds at various points around Laem Pak Bia were 1 adult Hueglin's Gull, 1 second winter Pallas's Gull and 3 Painted Storks. On 16th, 2 Spoon-billed Sandpipers were seen at Pak Thale as was an Eastern Curlew with 1 White-faced Plover on the sand spit at Laem Pak Bia along with 5 Lesser Crested Terns and 3 Chinese Egrets.

The above observations from Doi Inthanon, Mae Ping, Bueng Boraphet, Khao Yai, Kaeng Krachan, Laem Pak Bia/Pak Thale were made by Nick Upton, Srasri Phiromyothee, Ian & Jean Southworth, Alan Hayden and Leo Pyke.

1 Black-faced Spoonbill and 1 Painted Stork (perhaps a released bird) were seen roosting at Chiang Saen lake on 28th February. 960 Black-winged Stilts and 820 Spotted Redshank were also counted along with 2male and 1 female Ruff. - Paul Rose.

On 27th February an exhausted Skua (probably Pomarine) was found at the Laem Pak Bia sand spit. - Marc Galvez.

827 Northern Pintail were counted at Bueng Boraphet on 27th February.

On 26th February interesting sightings from Pak Thale and Laem Pak Bia included, 2 Spoon-billed Sandpipers, 4 Dunlin, 2 Terek Sandpipers, 1 Greater Flamingo (escape), 2 Painted Storks and 441 Great Knot. On Laem Pak Bia sandpsit 1 Chinese Egret, 24 Malaysian Plovers and 1 White-faced Plover were seen.

The above sightings from Bueng Boraphet and Laem Pak Bia/Pak Thale were kindly submitted by Thomas van der Es and Mark de Vries

On 26th February 4 Slaty-breasted Rails, 15 Ruddy-breasted Crakes, 1 Baillon's Crake, Pheasant-tailed and Bronze-winged Jacanas, 15 Yellow Bitterns, 1 Black Bittern, 2 Cinnamon Bitterns, Painted snipe and a Bluethroat were seen on freshwater marshes a couple of kms north of the main marsh at Khao Sam Roi Yot. - Charles Sayer.

On 17th February 1 Long-billed Dowitcher, 1 Red-necked Phalarope, 1 Pied Avocet, 20 Ruff and a Pallas's Gull were seen on salt pans at Laem Pak Bia. - Jeff Higgott.

14/02/10 : Highlights from Nam Nao national park from 10th-14th February included sightings of 2 Blossom-headed Parakeets, 1 Grey-headed Parakeet, 1 Bamboo Woodpecker, 2 White-bellied Woodpeckers, 2 Great Slaty Woodpeckers, 1 Heart Spotted Woodpecker, 5 Bar-backed Partridges, 3 male & 4 female Silver Pheasants, 3 Red-billed Scimitar Babblers, 6 White-hooded Babblers, 1 Burmese Shrike, 4 Red-headed Trogons, 1 Orange-breasted Trogon, 1 Mountain Scops Owl and 1 Brown Hawk Owl. - Nick Upton & John Plampin.

On 13th February the following species were recorded at Chiang Saen Lake; 1 Black-faced Spoonbill, 350+ Spotted Redshank, 1 Eastern Black-tailed Godwit, 1 Chestnut Munia, 1 Common Pochard (eclipse male), 32 Ferruginous Pochard, 2 Northern Shoveler, 8 Great Cormorant and 1 Fulvous-breasted Woodpecker. In addition, 12 Small Pratincoles were seen on the Mekong near the Rimkong restaurant. - Paul Rose.

3 small flocks of Short-billed Parrotbills and 1 Rufous-throated Fulvetta were seen at Na Haew, Loei, on 10th February. - Ralph Parks & Nit Lawrence.

On 10th & 11th February, 4 Baer's Pochard were photographed at Bueng Boraphet. - Pongpol Adireksarn

09/02/10 : 2 Chinese Spot-billed Ducks were discovered at Chiang Saen lake on 8th February and the Black-faced Spoonbill reported ealier in the month was still present as was the long-staying Common Shelduck. On the Mekong a Long-billed Plover was observed at close range. - Ralph Parks & Nit Lawrence.

08/02/10 : At Km 27, Kaeng Krachan, on 6th February a female Silver Oriole was seen and photographed at a fruiting tree, as was a Yellow-vented Green Pigeon. Also seen at Km 27 were two Ratchet-tailed Treepies, 2 Long-tailed Broadbills, 6 White-hooded Babblers and a Rufous-browed Flycatcher. At Km 11 a Stork-billed Kingfisher was seen and at Km 16 a pair of Black-thighed Falconets were present.

On 5th February 2010, 4 Spoon-billed Sandpipers were seen at Pak Thale as was a feral Greater Flamingo and a single Eastern Curlew with a large flock of Eurasian Curlew. On the same date, 12 Pied Avocets were seen on brine pools at Laem Pak Bia , and on nearby freshwater pools 12 Painted Snipe, 3 Painted Storks and 1 Ruddy Shelduck were present. At nearby Tung Bang Jak a juvenile Greater Spotted Eagle, a dark morph Booted Eagle, 40+ Red-throated Pipits, a Bluethroat and several hundred Streaked Weavers were seen on 5th February. On 4th February, 5 Spoon-billed Sandpipers were seen at Pak Thale and at Laem Pak Bia 37 Nordmann's Greenshank, 1 Common Shelduck and 1 Pied Avocet were seen. On Laem Pak Bia sand spit 2 Chinese Egrets, 3 Lesser Crested Terns and 1 White-faced Plover were the highlights. On brine pools at Laem Pak Bia 12 Pied Avocets were seen feeding.

A Blue Pitta, a pair of Red-headed Trogons, a male Banded Kingfisher and a flock of at least 8 Siamese Firebacks were seen along the trail at Km 33, Khao Yai on 3rd February. A pair of Banded Broadbills were observed at Pa Gluai Mai campsite on 2nd February.

A single Limstone Wren Babbler was found after much searching at Wat Pra Puttabaht Noi on 1st February.

Highlights of a boat trip on Bueng Boraphet, on 1st February, were a Siberian Rubythroat, 3 Chestnut-tailed Starlings, 1 Savanna Nightjar, 3 White-browed Crakes and a female Greater Scaup. Other ducks seen included 2 Gadwall, a pair of Tufted Ducks, 5 Ferruginous Pochard, 18 Eurasian Wigeon, 500+ Northern Pintail, 20-30 Northern Shoveler and over 1000 Garganey. On 31st January 80+ Oriental Darters were seen coming in to roost at the Fisheries Research Station, Bueng Boraphet; 10 Pink-necked Pigeons, 2 Chestnut-capped Babblers, 2 Yellow-eyed Babblers, 1 male Red Avadavat and a pair of Chestnut Munias were also seen.

The above sightings from Beung Boraphet, Wat Pra Puttabaht Noi, Khao Yai, Laem Pak Bia/Pak Thale, Tung Bang Jak & Kaeng Krachan were made by Nick Upton, Srasri Phiromyothee, Rick Heil et al.

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