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Bird Sightings (June 2007)
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28/06/07 : Newly published Recent Reports from April 2007 to June 2007 are now online on the Bird Conservation Society of Thailand's website. Highlights were 10 Glossy Ibis at Bung Boraphet on 27th May, a Lesser Fish Eagle at Krung Ching, Khao Luang on 9th April and a Chestnut-eared Bunting at Nong Lom, Chiang Rai on the 6th May.

See BCST website for full report.

22/06/07 : A rare rainy season visit to Khao Nor Chu Chi turned up a Black-and-Red Broadbill in the garden of the Morakot resort and Sultan Tit at the beginning of H-trail, both on the afternoon of 20th June. - Dominic Le Croissette

16/06/07 : Up to 400 Barn Swallows were seen near Chiang Saen and were found breeding, with 3 young seen in a nest. Three Black Bitterns were also located in wetlands close to Chiang Saen.

The above sighting from Chiang Saen was made by Mick Davies & Dowroong Damlamajak.

15/06/07 : Black-naped Terns were seen daily between the 7th and 11th of June at Ko Tao, with a maximum of 7 roosting on rocks. Bridled Terns were also seen on the crossing between Ko Tao and the mainland on both the 7th and 11th June and also on the 9th at a dive site close to the island. - Mike Greenfelder

14/06/07 : 190 Oriental Pratincoles were seen in wetlands close to Chiang Saen on the 12th May, an impressive number of this wet season visitor.

The above sighting from Chiang Saen was made by Mick Davies & Dowroong Damlamajak.

Sixteen species in and around a single tree in a suburban area on Phuket, on the 3rd June, is testament to how rewarding birdwatching can be in Thailand. The most interesting species noted were Asian Glossy Starling, Vernal Hanging Parrot, Coppersmith Barbet and Red-whiskered Bulbul (uncommon in the south). See "Going bananas over figs" for all the species.

The above sightings were taken from Ike Suriwong's Phuket Birder's Blog with his kind permission.

11/06/07 : A single River Tern and 5 Grass Owls were seen near Chiang Saen on the 7th June.

The above sightings from Chiang Saen were made by Mick Davies & Dowroong Damlamajak.

03/06/07 : A Pale-footed Bush warbler was seen in wetlands near Chiang Saen on the 3rd June.

The above sighting from Chiang Saen was made by Mick Davies & Dowroong Damlamajak.

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