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Bird Sightings (November 2008)
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28/11/08 : On 27th November a male and female Siberian Thrush, a male White-throated Rock Thrush and a female Eyebrowed Thrush were all photographed in the same tree at Karon viewpoint, Phuket. A male and a female Mugimaki Flycatcher were also in the area. - Ian Dugdale.

A total of 5 Spoon-billed Sandpipers were seen at Pak Thale on the 25th November as was a Small Pratincole and a White-faced Plover. - Phil Round.

27/11/08 : On 27th November an adult Rufous-bellied Eagle was seen soaring over Ban Krang campsite, Kaeng Krachan and a total of 16 Black Bazas were observed on migration.

At Tung Bang Jak an adult male and an immature male Pied Harrier were seen also on 27th November.

1 first winter Blue & White Flycatcher was seen near Ban Krang campsite, Kaeng Krachan on 26th November. Other interesting birds seen were 12 Rusty-cheeked Hornbills (Tickell's Brown Hornbill) and 4 White-hooded Babblers.

The above observations from Kaeng Krachan and Tung Bang Jak were made by Nick Upton, Jonas & Elizabeth Ellerstrom.

25/11/05 : 3 Spoon-billed Sandpipers were seen at Pak Thale on the 25th November as was 1 Dunlin. On the same date 1 Pied Avocet was present close to the abandoned building shell at Laem Pak Bia with a flock of 23 White-shouldered Starlings close by, 1 White-faced Plover was on the sand spit and at least 11 Nordmann's Greenshank in the Laem Pak Bia region alongside about 350 Great Knot. Caspian Terns were abundant around the whole area. - Nick Upton, Jonas & Elizabeth Ellerstrom.

20/11/08 : Two days at Doi Lang produced a number of good birds. On the 19th November notable migrants included a male Orange-flanked Bush Robin, a male Slaty-blue Flycatcher, a Grey-crowned Warbler in song, 12 Crested Buntings, 4 Pallas's Leaf Warblers and a female Slaty-backed Flycatcher. Interesting migrants at Doi Lang on the 18th included 2 Eyebrowed Thrushes, 1 male Chestnut-bellied Rock Thrush and 20+ Common Rosefinches. Notable resident birds over the 2 days included 10 Black-throated Tits, 1 male Crimson-breasted Woodpecker, 3 Spot-breasted Parrotbills, 1 female Jerdon's Bushchat, two groups of 3 Mountain Bamboo Partridges, 1 Bay Woodpecker, 3 Red-faced Liocichlas, 10 Oriental Turtle Doves, 1 Besra, 10 Crested Finchbills and a Mountain Hawk Eagle. - Nick Upton.

On the 18th a Spoon-billed Sandpiper was seen at Khok Kham. - Dave Gandy.

8 Spoon-billed Sandpipers are apparently present at Pak Thale as well as 5 Nordmann's Greenshank. - per Dave Gandy.

A morning walk along the Km 13 trail, Doi Inthanon on the 17th November turned up a few good birds with 7 Black-headed Woodpeckers, 1 Collared Falconet, 5 Rosy Minivets, 1 juvenile Black-hooded Oriole and a Radde's Warbler. - Nick Upton.

On the 15th November 2 Manchurian Bush Warblers were seen at the Chinese cemetary, Doi Ang Kang as was a Dusky Thrush. A Fire-capped Tit was seen close to the army camp at Km 19, Doi Ang Kang also on the 15th. On the 14th Doi Ang Kang produced a Green Cochoa and a Chinese Leaf Warbler along the Mae Per trail, a male Daurian Redstart close to Ban Nor Lae, 2 female Black-breasted Thrushes along the Ban Khoom - Ban Luang farmland trail and an Aberrant Bush Warbler on the Km 21 firebreak trail. On the 13th a Little Bunting was seen at the Chinese Cemetary. Other interesting birds seen over the 3 days included Rusty-cheeked Scimitar Babbler, White-browed Laughingthrush, Crested Finchbill and Small Niltava. - Nick Upton, Vaughan Watkins & Karen Morrell.

13/11/08 : A Northern Goshawk was seen at Huay Teung Tao on the 13th November as were a pair of Wire-tailed Swallows. A Fire-capped Tit, 6 Black-throated Parrotbills and 4 Slaty-bellied Tesias were found on the Km 37.5 jeep track at Doi Inthanon on the 12th. A Dark-sided Thrush, a female Siberian Blue Robin and a female Rufous-bellied Niltava were present at Mr Daeng's stakeout. Also on the 12th a party of 12 Black-throated Parrotbills and a Grey-bellied Tesia were present on the Km 34.5 trail, Doi Inthanon. - Nick Upton, Vaughan Watkins & Karen Morrell.

11/11/08 : On the Km 37.5 jeep trail at Doi Inthanon a Grey-cheeked Warbler was seen on the 11th November. On the same date 2 Black-headed Woodpeckers, what appeared to be 2 tonkinensis Chestnut-bellied Nuthatches and 3 White-rumped Falcons were seen on the Km 13 trail, Doi Inthanon. - Nick Upton, Vaughan Watkins & Karen Morrell.

08/11/08 : Species of interest at Kaeng Krachan included 1 Little Bronze Cuckoo, 1 Oriental Cuckoo, 7 Black Bazas and 1 juvenile Grey-faced Buzzard, all on the road to Ban Krang on the 7th November. On the 6th 3 White-throated Needletails were clearly seen at Panoen Tung as was a juvenile pandoo Blue Rock Thrush with 1 Sulphur-breasted Warbler at Km 27. Overhead at Km 27, 2 Black Kites and 2 Oriental Honey-buzzards were seen on migration. On the 5th a Ferruginous Flycatcher and a long-tailed white morph Asian Paradise Flyucatcher were seen near stream 2, Ban Krang - Nick Upton, Vaughan Watkins & Karen Morrell.

On the 5th November a Crimson-winged Woodpecker and Ratchet-tailed Treepie were seen at Km 27, Kaeng Krachan. - Johan Svensson.

04/11/08 : Notable species around the salt pans at Laem Pak Bia, on the 4th November, included 1 Wryneck, 1 second winter Pallas's Gull, 1 adult Heuglin's Gull and around 500 Great Knot.

Also on the 4th, at Pak Thale, a single Red-necked Phalarope was seen.

A drained pond near Wat Khao Takrao held 11 Black-headed Ibises and 17 Painted Storks, on the 4th, and at nearby Nong Pla Lai 5 Spot-billed Pelicans were seen.

In the late afternoon at Khao Yoi, 4th November, raptors coming to roost included 1 adult male, 2 adult females and 1 juvenile Eastern Marsh Harriers, 12 lineatues Black Kites, 1 govinda Black Kite, 1 Osprey and 1 Black-shouldered Kite.

On the 3rd November a Spoon-billed Sandpiper was seen at Khok Kham as well as 1 female Eastern Marsh Harrier.

Tung Bang Jak held 1 female Eastern Marsh Harrier and 1 female Pied Harrier also on the 3rd.

Other birds on the 3rd November included 2 second winter Pallas's Gull, 10-15 Great-crested Terns and 1 White-faced Plover on the sand spit at Laem Pak Bia as well as 12 White-shouldered Starlings at the King's Project, Laem Pak Bia.

The above sightings from Khaok Kham, Tung Bang Jak, Laem Pak Bia, Pak Thalat Khao Takrao, Nong Pla Lai and Khao Yoi were made by Nick Upton, Vaughan Watkins and Karen Morrell.

02/11/08 : On 1st November 1 Spoon-billed Sandpiper was seen at Khok Kham, it was also seen on the 28th October.

At Tung Bang Jak on 1st, 1 Greater Spotted Eagle was seen in close company of 22 Black Kites and migrating raptors included 1 Oriental Honey-buzzard and 1 immature Grey-faced Buzzard.

1 Grey-tailed Tattler was present on salt pans at Laem Pak Bia as were around 500 Great Knot. On the sand spit 1 White-faced Plover was seen, 2 Ospreys passed by and 20-30 Greater Crested Terns were fishing out to sea. In the King's Project Area, up to 200 White-shouldered Starlings entered the Myna roost in the mangroves. All these sightings were made on 1st November.

The above sightings from Khok Kham, Tung Bang Jak and Laem Pak Bia were made by Nick Upton & Lucas Kaaij.

A group of approximately 50 Black Bazas were seen at Bang Pra on 31st October and a Grey-headed Lapwing was seen in flight over the lake. Other interesting birds included 2 Blue-throated Bee-eaters and large numbers of migrant Black-naped Orioles and drongos, including Black, Crow-billed and Ashy Drongos. - Nick Upton & Frank Hemmings.

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