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Adopt a Raptor - Information on this scheme by the Thai Raptor Group.

"Bald-headed Bulbul" - Discovery of Laotian bulbul.

BCST Birdwalk - A feature on the Bird Conservation Society of Thailand's monthly birdwalks in Bangkok.

New Phylloscopus warbler discovered - Limestone Leaf Warbler discovered in Laos.

PM orders a halt to park roadworks - Story about controversial road-widening.

Suan Rot Fai birdwalk - Information on BCST's birdwalks in Suan Rot Fai.

Pata Zoo - A disgraceful example of animal abuse sanctioned by the Thai government.

Reforestation Project - Reforestation at Khao Look Chang Temple.

Release Birds to give you luck and happiness - About the practice of selling live birds for merit making.

The Changing Face of Sapan Hin - More proposed environmental destruction in Phuket.
Garden Birds - Results of BCST's Garden Birds photo competiton.
Spoon-billed Sandpiper - Request for all sightings of this species in Thailand as part of BCST's attempt to monitor the birds wintering in Thailand and identify new sites.
"White-faced Plover" - An article detailing this distinctive Charadrius plover form.
Nick Upton, 4th January 2007
Birds of Thailand - The current lowest price for Craig Robson's field guide is £9.70 ($4.80) for the paperback version on
Cambodia Sets up Sanctuary for Rare Crane - A brief news article about a new sanctuary in northeast Cambodia where almost 300 Sarus Cranes have been discovered.
Restore Saemangeum - Take a few minutes to pass on your concerns to the South Korean govenrment about this destructive project that threatens the Spoon-billed Sandpiper with extinction.
Yonok Wetlands Website - Mick Davies has begun to create a website devoted to the Yonok Wetlands Project. Currently it is a work in progress, but please visit and support Mick's efforts.
Nick Upton, 17th September 2007
Asian IBA Conservation Strategy 2007 - Birdlife Asia Conservation Partnership
Bird Conservation Society Report on Thailand Asian Waterbird Census 2007 - A brief report on the waterbird census in January 2007, covering almost 100 sites.
BCST T-shirts - Buy a T-shirt and support the work of the Bird Conservation Society of Thailand.
Birding Asia 7 - The latest edition of the Bulletin of the Oriental Bird Club is out now. Join them to support bird conservation in Asia and receive this excellent bulletin.
Bird Walk - Details of the monthly, free bird walk in Suan Rot Fai and Suan Luang, led by BCST volunteers.
Conserving Biodiversity, improving livelihoods - A report which highlights how steps can be taken to tackle poverty by conserving biodiversity; download the report, free.
First confirmed breeding on Wreathed Hornbill in Belum -Telangor Forest Complex, Malaysia - From Birdlife International.
Hume's Pheasant research project complete - A brief outline of the main findings of a research project in northern Thailand.
New Bird Photos - Johan Svensson's latest photos from Mae Wong, Doi Inthanon, Bung Boraphet and Bang Pra.
The Harapan Rainforest Initiative - Conservation of a rainforest reserve in Sumatra, Indonesia.
Nick Upton, August 2007
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