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Birds of Thailand by Lekagul and Round Reprint
I am told that there has now been a reprint of this book and it is freely available in bookshops in Thailand.
Nick Upton 14th December 2006.
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Birds of Thailand by Lekagul and Round available from BCST

For those who are interested, I'd like to mention that Lekagul & Round, A Guide to the Birds of Thailand, is once again available in Bangkok bookshops. It appears that the Lekagul family are now selling off what stock they have. My understanding is that they are unlikely to print any more.

Those wishing to order copies by mail might usefully patronise the services of Bird Conservation Society of Thailand (the Thai BirdLife partner) and order copies from them, since it seems the only direct benefits accruing to conservation from sales of this book will be from the small profit made through sales by BCST and other conservation bodies. BCST's e-mail is

I should emphasise that this is not a new printing, so there is no additional information contained therein. Craig Robson's A Field Guide to the Birds of Thailand has the obvious advantages that the maps, species listing for the country, and taxonomy are more or less up to date, whereas those in L & R date from 1989.

Posted on Oriental Bird Club Yahoo Groups by Philip D. Round , 10/9/05
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