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Volunteers at Yonok Update
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Mick Davies recently contacted me to say that whilst he was extremely grateful for the donations of pens, books and other such items, he has become somewhat inundated with them now. What is really needed to keep the good work going is people who are able to spend at least a few weeks (preferably a month) to assist in teaching and/or wildlife monitoring. People with special skills are particularly needed but willing volunteers can be trained. Of course the other thing that is urgently needed is monetary donations to provide finance for the good work at Yonok Wetlands.
Volunteers required at Yonok Wetlands

The work performed by Mick Davies and Dowroong Danlamajak at Yonok Wetlands continues and increases in scale. A large number of local villagers and monks are now receiving English lessons and signs to encourage the protection of wildlife are being posted around the site. In addition to these activities, surveying of birds, insects and other fauna along with the local flora is required and with this in mind volunteers to assist with these tasks are needed.

Mick Davies teaching
(Photo by Dowroong Danlamajak)

Non-hunting sign at Yonok
(Photo by Mick Davies)
Anyone with the appropriate skills to help with teaching and/or surveying should contact Mick Davies:
Additionally, donations in the form of money and teaching/surveying materials are also urgently required. Materials to use in the teaching of children would be particularly welcome due to the large numbers attending lessons; anyone visiting the area for birdwatching might be able to deliver materials such as stationary or text books for use in the project. Again, please contact Mick Davies if you think that you can help.

Mr May helping children to view birds
(Photo by Mick Davies)

Mr May and Dowroong
(Photo by Mick Davies)
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