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Yonok Wetlands Update
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The good work of Mick Davies and Dowroong Danlamajak at Yonok Wetlands continues with the continuing success of English lessons to benefit the local monks and villagers.

One monk, Pra Ajarn Sane of Wat Viang Cum, is particularly keen on turning his temple into a meditation and nature study retreat and strives to protect as much land as he can for wildlife and peaceful human pursuits. Both Thai and foreign visitors are welcome to spend time at this temple.

Ian Smith, of Viang Yonok Hotel, kindly donated a pair of binoculars for Pra Ajarn Sane to use to study birds and to keep an eye out for hunters; the picture below shows the presentation.

Mick Davies presenting binoculars to Pra Ajarn Sane
(Photo by Dowroong Danlamajak)
Ian Smith has also very kindly provided 3 further pairs of binoculars for local people to use and hopefully further increase their enthusiasm for protecting birds.

The local community at Yonok has also engaged in making signs to appeal to people to respect the local environment and not to cut down trees or hunt birds. These signs are much needed as a number of visitors have in the past intruded into the area in order to hunt and on occasion claim land that they do not own. Fortunately both such activities seem to have stopped since the inception of the Yonok Wetlands Project.

Below are some photographs of the signs made by the local community.

Signs being made
(Photo by Mick Davies)

The complete signs and their creators
(Photo by Mick Davies)
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