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Headquarters for Yonok Wetlands Project
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The support given to Mick Davies and Dowroong Danlamajak by the monks in the Yonok Wetlands Project area has reached a new level with the amazingly generous gift of a classroom and teaching area along with an office building which has immediately become the Yonok Wetlands Project headquarters. This wonderful gesture of support was made by Abbott Pra Audta Jaruwanno at the temple of Wat Ba Mak Nor.

School Buidling
(Photo by Mick Davies)

(Photo by Mick Davies)

Two days after the donation of the school building, the first English lessons took place much to everyone's satisfaction and villagers' discussion resulted in the desire to preserve the area as a Non-hunting area and to leave a part of the wetland as a non-fishing area so that fish stocks can build up. It seems now that about 70% of the area is now benefitting from local villagers' and monks' protection.

A further development in the area is the construction of an elevated hide, initiated by a lone monk although eventually he received help from a few villagers. The construction is still in process, but this level of devotion from the locals shows the excellent progress that has been made by Mick and Dowroong.

Tower hide under construction
(Photo by Mick Davies)

Tower hide under construction
(Photo by Mick Davies)
Whilst the enthusiasm shown by local monks and villagers is superbly encouraging, Mick tells me that he still urgently needs donations of money to continue the good work.
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