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Current Entry Fees for National Parks

The entry fee for all national parks has been halved until 15th May 2009. I can confirm that this is place at Khao yai and Kaeng Krachan national parks at least with 200 baht for foreigners being charged at Khao Yai and 100 baht at Kaeng Krachan.

Doi Inthanon National Park - The fee dropped from 400 baht per person to 200 baht some time in between July 2008 and November 2008.
Khao Sok National Park - 200 baht is charged per person. The ticket is valid for 24 hours from purchase meaning that if one enters in the afternoon the ticket is still valid the next morning. 50% discount for students apparently.

Doi Chiang Dao National Park - It seems that some people trying to drive up the road behind Malee's are being turned back and told that they need an entry ticket. I drove up there today shortly before 7am and went through without being stopped! I am not sure what is happening there but it seems if one goes early the guard either is not present or lets people through.

Kaeng Krachan National Park - In mid January 200 baht per person, per day was being charged to enter the park for those staying outside the park. 30 baht is charged per vehicle.

Khao Yai National Park - The entrance fee remains at 400 baht per person per day here for those staying outside the park - if staying inside the park this needs to be paid only once. I was allowed in for the Thai price as I spoke to the staff in Thai - once again, I didn't ask for this reduction, it was automatically given.

Nam Nao National Park - 200 baht per person was charged at Nam Nao, although it was only required to pay this once.

Doi Chiang Dao National Park - 200 baht is the fee here, only required when heading to Den Ya Kat - tell the staff how many days you wish to use it for and you will pay just the once. Accessing the forest from the road behind Malee's and Chiang Dao Nest is not charged for.

Doi Inthanon National Park
- In late December tourists were required to purchase entry tickets every day that they entered, but maybe the staff were embarrassed at the high price of 400 baht as on the second day only 200 baht was asked for.

Doi Chiang Dao National Park - 400 baht was being charged in December, but the ticket was valid for 2 days.

Mae Fang National Park - 400 baht was charged to enter this National Park, but a child was allowed to enter for free!

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Khao Yai N
ational Park - At the end of November 400 baht was being charge here. I've often found the staff here friendly and a smile and polite conversation can get one in for a lower fee. The first time I entered for the local fee I had a bit of a chat in Thai with the staff and they told me that I should enter for the Thai price; I didn't ask. Try it and see what happens.

Doi Inthanon National Park - 400 baht here too at the end of November.

Khao Sok National Park
- I was informed yesterday that the entrance fee to Khao Sok has indeed been raised to 400 baht.

Erawan National Park - Posted on Thorn Tree Forum on 5th October was information saying that 400 baht is being charged for foreigners now, plus the extra for motorcycles and cars.

Khao Pra Bang Khram Wildlife Sanctuary (Khao Nor Chu Chi) - 200 baht only when accessing the trail towards the crystal pool. The state of the trails is poor, even the trail from the swimming pool to the blue pool. Still gunshots to be heard, litter on trails and the stream at the toll booth used as a motorcycle wash!

The following information was supplied by Dave Milne:

Khao Pra Wihan (on the Cambodian border, near Si Sa Ket province) - 605 baht, comprising 400 baht entrance, 5 baht to walk along the road (everyone has to pay this and anywhere else has mine warning signs), 200 baht to get to the top of the hill. Total rip off ; the temple isn't that good really, and the view is fairly hazy. Pretty well the whole place is a market, so you are constantly annoyed by sellers, small children begging or being tourist "guides" (we saw Japanese tourists being held hostage by adults until they paid each child 100 baht at the end. I told the children to go back to school so escaped this extortion. The market ruins any decent photos.

Mukdahan National Park - 400 baht. Again, not worth it as it is a very small park with a waterfall that is almost dry outside the rainy season. View is ok, but hazy.

Sarika Waterfall (Part of Khao Yai National Park) - 400 baht. Didn't pay it. There is another waterfall about 5 km away which only charges 30 baht for foreigners and about 10 baht for Thais. Went there instead, very nice.

Pattaya Floral Gardens - 400 baht. Didn't pay it - we only went there as it had a coffee shop but they lost our business due to the entrance fees.

Doi Chiang Dao National Park - Staff are still charging 200 baht for the permit to access Den Ya Kat near the top of the mountain and signs at HQ still say "Wildlife Sanctuary". This permit is valid for as many days as one asks for on application, eliminating any ambiguity on whether one must pay every time one enters the park. A permit is not usually needed if driving the surfaced road that goes behind Malee's.

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